Avalanche Cocktails has come a long way in 20 years, servicing over 50,000 parties to become Australia’s largest and most trusted frozen cocktail company. Our customers come back to us time and time again and so do their friends.  Your event is important to you and it is to us also.  We take the time to talk with you, advise you and our aim is to absolutely delight you – not just with our product but with our service too.

What does Avalanche do?

We hire out our frozen cocktail machines for private parties, corporate events, fetes and fund raisers.
When you hire our machines you also have a choice of 100 of our superb cocktails.

So, why are Avalanche’s cocktails different?

  • Our “premium” cocktails are hand blended and made to order using real fruit and fresh juices
  • We give you peace of mind – our people are on call and available at any time, should you need us
  • We only use top of the range Italian made GBG machines to ensure reliability
  • All this backed up by traditional old fashioned customer service
  • We deliver our pre-chilled cocktails on the day of the event to ensure freshness
    and pick-up the following day, or as agreed
  • We are available on the day of your party to give you peace of mind during your event

Our unique differentiators still remain 100% unchanged and unchallenged throughout Australia.

When you decide to use Avalanche for your event, you are assured that each cocktail is made the traditional way, blending together the best quality fruit and juices to ultimately deliver the very best frozen cocktails to you and your guests.


Call us and ask about the difference between Real Fruit/Real Juice/Real Soda/Real Dairy Cocktails for the mature Cocktail drinkers and the “real fruit” concentrate that we, and others, use in our Slushies.


Beware of misleading advertising.

30% fruit based concentrate and water is NOT the same as our hand-made real fruit cocktails. Although these “Cordial Cocktails” are touted as “fruit based”, they are made of sugar based concentrate and water with fruit flavouring.

Did you know that each year we use:
   * 50,000 kilos of sweet strawberries
   * 5,000 kilos of yummy raspberries
   * 5,000 kilos of juicy mangos
   * 2,000 kilos of beautiful golden bananas
   * 50,000 litres of pineapple juice
   * 20,000 litres of a variety of other fruit juices
   * 500 litres of cranberry juice
   * 20,000 litres of full cream milk

Our top of the range GBG machines are EMC compliant. Our machines use ozone friendly gases and comply to all National and International codes.